SMART Self-Care Basics

Self-Care Magic for Achieving Real Life Triumph

This class walks you through the basics of self-care & creating your own custom self-care routines using evidence-based practices. This is a rinse & repeat course full of worksheets, journal prompts & activities setting you up for a lifetime of self-care success. Sprinkle in a little magic along the way & you'll be taking care of YOU in no time!

SMART Self-Care Basics

SMART Self-Care Basics
SMART Self-Care Basics Promo

SMART Self-Care Basics Includes:

⭐️ Over 3 Hours of Guided Self-Care Videos

⭐️ Step by Step Instructions to Evaluating your current self-care routines & Creating new ones

⭐️ Worksheets, Journal Prompts & Templates

⭐️ My Customized Curriculum to help you create a self-care practice that WORKS

⭐️ REAL Life Self-Care Strategies

⭐️ So much more!!!

Self-Care Practices that WORK are the first step towards a happier, healthier, more balanced life. Invest in YOU.