The Empress Card

The Empress -

It’s #3 in the Major Arcana cards in tarot (meaning a more bold interpretation is required). Other than being one of my favorite tarot cards, why did I pick this one specifically to represent my business? The Empress is the ultimate mother figure. personperson2 She is nurturing, caring, calming, & healing. Many times she represents Mother Earth itself worldflowertree- bringing life and transformation to those around her. I tend to see her as the classic Italian mother- “Come in, all are welcome, eat! Mangia! Have some more food! Have some cookies! Take a rest! Have some wine! Relax!” food wine She kisses boo boos & comforts those in pain. She is a shoulder to cry on, an amazing listener, and ultimately just wants what is best for you. She is a welcome reprieve. A place to rest, renew & gain back some confidence before you head back into the fray of the “Fool’s Journey” and the rest of the Major Arcana cards.

heartThis is how I see Blue Empress Tarot. A place to come, rest your burdens for a while. Look at them from a new perspective & gain a sense of self before heading back to your life to do the work of becoming the best you possible. I treat every reading with respect & kindness. I understand how sensitive some of these realities can be, so I do my best to deliver your messages with compassion and competence to guide you through your difficulties and help you see the other side of possibilities. Just like that Italian Mama, I give it to you straight, but from a place of love; wanting only the best for you. I provide clarity & guidance so you can make the choices that are best for you & your future. So grab a glass of wine wine & I’ll get the cardscard! Blue Empress Tarot is waiting for you.heart

Decks shown: Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine, The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans & Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong