What is tarot & how can it help you?

So - I’m sure you’ve seen tarot portrayed in movies & TV shows. The Death card appears and then someone dies. Or the Lovers card shows up & all of a sudden a new romantic interest does too. While many times tarot is shown as a means to predict the future, this image is far from what tarot really is and how it works.

Tarot is a system of 78 cards (22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana) with individual meanings. I won’t go into a whole history lesson here but by many accounts it dates back to the 14th or 15th century as a card game - only for those who could afford it, of course. It wasn’t used as a divination tool until around the 18th century. Since then it has taken on a few different forms: Thoth, Raider-Waite-Smith & Tarot of Marseilles. Now you can find decks in each of these forms with every theme you can think of: Nightmare Before Christmas, Jane Austen, Game of Thrones!

Tarot is a unique tool that can shed some light on the parts of ourselves we don't always want to look at, but need to in order to evolve. It doesn’t predict the future but can show us some possible outcomes to situations based on the decisions you make. YOU are always in charge. Free will exists for everyone, and that includes love interests & your boss that you just can’t stand. Which means that if they make a choice you might be affected by it, but YOU get to choose how you respond.

We all get to make choices and decisions in order to reach our goals. Sometimes we make great choices like working out to stay healthy and sometimes we make bad choices like eating that piece (or two or three) of cake. But even when we make “bad” choices, we can still choose what to do next. Get back on track or continue down the road to destruction?

Tarot is a way to help you understand yourself better and learn what steps need to be taken moving forward. Perhaps you have some goals but they aren’t fully defined yet - tarot can help define those goals & organize them. Perhaps you know you have choices but aren’t sure which one is the best - tarot can help guide you to the choice with the best outcome or at least give you some information about what might be on the other side of those choices. Tarot can shed light on some of the poor choices we make in order to help us make better ones in the future. It can highlight your strengths to encourage you to utilize them as you go after your goals.

There is always a next step, even if we are afraid to take it. With tarot as your guide you won’t feel like you are taking those steps alone. You will feel your Guides and Angels around you giving you confidence and encouragement along the way.