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Safe Space with Sharon Blue

Magic On The Inside

Today, Sharon Blue, owner of Blue Empress Tarot joins me on the podcast and talks all things safe space. We discuss the definition of a safe space, why it may feel hard as an adult to figure out how to develop one in your household, and she gives us practical tips of how she creates that environment in her own house.

Sharon overcame an extremely hard childhood and has realized her passion is to not only help people understand developing their own safe space, but also assist individuals on their self-care journey. She uses a strengths-based approach to healing and tarot as a tool to help women identify self-limiting beliefs they may have had since childhood.

This conversation is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding and implementing an environment of freedom and unconditional love. This is an extremely difficult topic and one that some days you will crush it and other days you will almost feel crushed. Please hear this conversation and feel supported, encouraged, that everyday it's about one small step forward. Please take the time to share and help grow awareness of what it means to have a "safe space."